Doves International
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Phone: 503 201-9080  or  360 721-2800

   I'm Prophetic Evangelist, Deborah Gliebe, and I'm excited to be a part of what God is doing today!  How about you?  I know that He wants to take your breath away.

FireGate Ministries International launched Doves International women's ministry in January of 2001 to  operate throughout North America, the Pacific Island Nations and all places abroad.  We have been so blessed!  God has used us to flow forth in many national women's conferences, church meetings and  home fellowships around the world!  His anointing has enabled our ministry to share, teach and mentor women, to discover more from the Lover of their Soul.

Our travels have included Canada, Mexico, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and the Cook Islands.  My heart warms with the memories of how Jesus displayed His Love and Power through the Word and Spirit bringing new revelations, understand and freedom to women.  We were blessed to be at hand when a God put down a resident anointing in a small church on the Queensland coast of Australia.  We ministered for over six weeks as God used us as Fire Starters to begin an explosion of the anointing that went on for over 60 weeks of continuous church revival.  Our team ministered to thousands of Australian men and women.  His power pervaded the air and so many were set free it was breath taking!  Jesus was wonderful!  Marriages were put back together right in front of our eyes!  It was so moving to see men and women crying in each others arms before the entire congregation, not caring or embarrassed, because God was healing their broken hearts.  Privacy didn't matter.  The gift of healing transcended the moment. Both repenting of sinful offenses where only moments before they were hopelessness and then Jesus came, forgiveness came and couples were made whole even as their children encircled them!    It was the overcoming Spirit of Grace falling like rain!  Over a year period more than 130,000 hungry people came from all over the continent of Australia as reports spread via the media!  Signs and wonders were a staple diet of the revival in Kawana Waters!  One sign that amazed everyone, and was the talk of the press, was an Australian Dove that flew into the meeting in the beginning, circled the room of over 200 people and landed on my shoulder, and stayed!  Many signs and wonders filled this special revival as God put down a resident anointing of His presence!  He even symbolically, carried the bride over the threshold of this great outpouring but that's another of the wondrous testimony of that revival!

That was only the tip of the iceberg as Jesus and His mighty angels delivered people from every form and type of human entrapment.  Witches were set free!  Totally delivered of demonic influence and possessions.  It was wonderful to see our God open the prisons doors to set free, those who were bound!  Many miracles of physical and emotional healing took place at every meeting.  It was a grand slam!

Do you know who you are in Christ?  Have you been rejected or spurned?  Do you know that we have an enemy who doesn't want you to participate with your husbandman, Jesus?   It wasn't Jesus that hurt you.  He loves you and wants every woman to be raised up in her place so that He can participate through His creation, you!  It's all to His Glory!  It is time that  women know that God wants to pour His Love and power through them in these last days!  Just as He has used me, and other women, to built up their faith to believe Him for the impossible! 

Doves International cordially invite you to travel through this web site and view all these page.  This creation of this ministry has been encouraged by many women and leaders over the last twenty years who want the veil, in their life, lifted.  To know the will of the Father and for each day to be a new day awaking as the Bride of our Lord.  To come to know the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus and going from Glory to Glory in Faith.

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