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About the Founder.....Deborah Gliebe

Deborah was saved in the early '80's.  Salvation brought a Holy Ghost fire into her soul!  She immediately joined street teams ministering to the lost in such notorious places as the Burnside area of downtown Portland, Oregon. Later, she dared to enter outlaw biker camps where police refused to venture and boldly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Deborah, along with a Christian biker group, faced drugs, wickedness and life threats but her boldness, combined with the Father's Love, made her a courageous warrior, a victorious evangelist and a powerful handmaiden of God.  The spirit of wisdom rest upon her and she was the only woman ever appointed to the Christian men's biker ministry board.

Deborah has an apostolic anointing to the nations.  She is recognized as a strong prophet, teacher and evangelist .  She ministers in the Rhema, explodes in the gifts and flows in the River.  As one pastor described her, "She is full of God's Light and Dynamite".  Signs, miracles and wonders accompany her ministry.

Deborah makes Isaiah 61:1 come alive as she declares, "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon preach good tidings...heal the broken hearted...proclaim liberty to the captives...opening prison to those who are proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord"

She married her husband, Tom, in Bend, Oregon USA, in 1984 and has three lovely children.  Tom and Deborah have team minister under tents, on radio, television, in churches, Christian organizations, prophetic conferences, Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowships, Women's Aglow.  In Australian, Tom and her, team ministered in 1997 and a full blown revival broke out with many signs and wonders including a Dove that landed on her shoulder during a church meeting!  After sixty weeks alone, over 130,000 people poured through a church of 200 on the Queensland coast of Australia. Unusual happenings caused media interest then radio and television newscasters came and spread the stories of the revival, all over the country!

       Australia: The "Miricle Of The Dove"

Deborah was the evangelist/teacher on a three part TBN  Television  series called "The Evangelist's Heart."  The Gliebe's have been assistant pastors, have their own radio program "Miracles Are For You," appeared and hosted on many TV programs, such as, TBN's, "Praise The Lord," and the "Eleventh Hour."   

Left to Right: FireGate team members, Rev. Terry & Rebecca Burcham with
Revivalist Deborah & Tom Gliebe hosting  NW TBN  "Praise The Lord" program.


Gliebe-Keil-Conway at Precious Daughters 1999
Deborah has been a speakers at many events including the Precious Daughter's '99 Conference in Portland, Oregon attended by 1,000 women.

Her ministry includes many episodes of God's divine intervention, amazing answers to prayers and ministry from around the world.  Her stories of the wonders of revival in Australian, and the USA, are a testimony to our wonderful God of Glory and Grace. Her ministry is full of dynamic deliverance, Spirit-led preaching and peppered with testimonies to the Glory of God. 

L to R:  Evangelist Debbie Keil-Smith,  Dr. Corin Conway
and Revivalist Deborah Gliebe at Precious Daughter's
1999 conference, in Portland, OR.


At the first Doves International Women's Conference the guest speaker was the well known Jill Austin of Master Potter Ministries along with her assistant and speaker, Linda Valen.  Women proclaimed the conference to be the best they had ever attended as God worked amazingly with these awesome and anointed women of God.  The next national Doves meeting was with Patricia King and was a wonderful success!

The late Ruth Van Heflin prophesied over Deborah and said that she would not only make an impact on this world but the nation of Australia was hers and to symbolically reach up and pull it to her.  Women around the world would go forth in these last days. Deborah teaches, evangelizes and prophesies in the Love of Jesus, the Grace of the Cross and the covenant promise of His Holy Spirit, in Power!

L to R:    Speaker Jill Austin of Master Potter Ministries,
 Deborah Gliebe of  FireGate Ministries and
Linda Valen at the awesome first Doves
International Women Conference at
the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland,
Oregon, on Feb. 22-25, 2001.


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